Why A Bad Suspension System Can Make A Car Bouncy

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Are you puzzled as to why your car bounces a lot on smooth streets? You will need to take your car to an auto repair shop so a mechanic can diagnose the problem and determine if something has gone wrong with the suspension system. In this article, learn why the suspension system may be responsible for the bounce in your car and what a mechanic charges to fix it.

How is a Suspension System Related to a Bouncy Car?

A little bounce in a car is natural when driving over the dips and rocks in the road. However, you can tell that the suspension system is damaged if the car bounces longer than normal. There are shock absorbers connected to the wheels that are able to control how much your car bounces, but sometimes they wear out. You won't know if the shocks can be replaced or if the entire suspension is damaged unless the problem is inspected by a mechanic. You can get an idea of if the shocks are damaged by bouncing your car with your hands and observing how long it continues to bounce after you stop.

A faulty suspension can also be dangerous when it comes to making turns. You can experience rough turns because your car will not stay in the lane you are turning in. The car will actually start moving to the side, which can cause an accident if there are cars in the other lane. Due to damaged shocks not being able to keep the car steady, it can also lead to you getting into a rollover accident. Making turns with a bad suspension system on a regular basis can lead to the tires becoming worn from tread loss and develop bald spots.

What Kind of Fees are Estimated for a Suspension System Repair?

If you need new shock absorbers installed by a mechanic, you should expect to pay a fee between $200 and $5,000. Keep in mind that you will likely pay a fee on the highest end of the scale if you have a luxury vehicle. If the mechanic is replacing the suspension system altogether, the fee will be at least $1,000, but can be as much as over $5,000.

You should be able to drive smoothly when the roads are in good shape. Drive your car to a mechanic, such as Schwabe's Automotive Center, so he or she can see what kind of repair the suspension system needs!