What You Need to Know About An Auto Body Kit

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Installing a body kit on your vehicle can help you to fix flaws in the original body and improve your car's overall look. Since this process can be daunting for people who aren't car buffs, here's a look at the steps to choosing and installing an auto body kit.

Choosing a Body Kit

There is a wide variety of aftermarket auto parts available in different materials and colors. Aftermarket parts are not made by your car's manufacturer, so it's important to make sure the parts you buy will fit with your car's model. Some body kits are made for specific car brands, while other parts are universal. Add-ons like car spoilers are often made to be compatible with many makes and models.

Online vs. Local?

You can sometimes find good deals on parts online. However, you need to be careful; shipping for these heavy items is sometimes more expensive than the parts themselves. Whenever possible, it's a good idea to get your aftermarket parts locally. This way, you can inspect them for quality before you buy. Many car dealerships and auto body shops will have certain brands of aftermarket car parts that they are used to working with, so choosing parts directly from your auto body shop can simplify the process.

Getting the Parts Installed

Once you have chosen your body kit parts, you will need to leave several days for the auto body shop to install the parts in place of the original materials. Your auto body shop should verify that the parts will fit your car correctly without damaging the vehicle. Most experienced auto body technicians can make small tweaks to a body kit in order to get it to fit with many types of cars. Your body shop should also have experience working with the materials you chose. Whether your new parts are made of fiberglass or metal, each of these parts handle differently during installation.

Inspect the Work

After your parts are installed, you should inspect the work to make sure the car looks how you want. Check to make sure that the bumper and front plates are even, that the spoiler is at the height you want it, and that there are no scuffs or scratches on your new body kit. Most body shops will offer a warranty on newly installed body kits if you buy the parts directly through them. Hopefully, your brand new auto body will look great for many years to come. 

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