The Prophecy has been realized! The Goddess Suria has sent The Five Pendants of Power to Andora, sparking a war between the peoples of Suria and the Great Nosferatu Houses. Once again the Vampire Lord Dragul stalks Andora, gathering the legendary Hunters of Yeld to restore his dark empire. Now the High Elves of Elderon stand with the Imperial Legions and the free people of Korinath against Draguls Nosferatu armies. You must choose a side in the Battle for Andora. More...

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New works in the gear, posted on 14 Oct 2012
Hackers, posted on 15 Feb 2011
Gun Mage - gaining steam, posted on 29 Oct 2009
CrossRoads of Eternity 2nd edition , posted on 06 May 2008
terst, posted on 18 Apr 2008
Arcadiam Games and Indie Hurricane!, posted on 18 Mar 2008
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New works in the gear
So after about a 7 year hiatus, I am back and going to be working closely once again with the GoPlayPDX community to expand the reach of gaming in the NW. Also in the works for Arcadiam Games is the new comical, cooperative zombie apocalypse survivor game tentatively to be titled "Zombified!" more details to come
Posted on 14 Oct 2012 by travis brown

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